Window Replacement

When we purchased the Manor in January 2017, you could see the diamond hiding beneath the years of neglect. But it would take lots of time, money, and elbow grease to begin to bring it back to its former glory. Moving into a derelict old home was not without its struggles. One of these was the difficulty in trying to heat this huge house when most of the windows and doors poured in cold air.  


All of the old wood windows were either rotted, falling out, broken, or had gaps wider than a finger that allowed cold air to infiltrate the house. So one of our 1st major projects was replacing the windows - 43 windows to be exact! 


But this was not going to be the standard window replacement. There were several factors to consider:

  • 220+ years had caused a bit of uneven settling resulting in window boxes that were no longer square.
  • The entire wooden window surrounds were rotted and needed replaced.
  • The windows in the old stone house portion had side lights that were not a standard size and there fore would need to be custom made. 


Note the rotten windows and spray foam we used to try and seal out the cold. Yikes!!!


After consulting several window replacement companies, we chose Windows Nation to handle the window replacement. On May 22, 2017 the window replacement process began. What was supposed to only take 2 days stretched into 3 very long days. The crew worked from sun up to sun down for those 3 days, barely taking a break. 

Special care was taken to save the old windows for re-purposing into a green house to  be built on the property. 


Finally here's the big reveal!