Cut flower Selections

We will have a huge variety of cut flowers available seasonally throughout the year. From early Spring through Fall something beautiful will always be growing at the Manor. All flowers mentioned below are seasonally available to order fresh from our fields at a fraction of the cost of florist flowers. Our flowers are also cut fresh daily not shipped in a truck from 100s or thousands of miles away. We also practiced sustainable agricultural practices - meaning no chemicals are used during the production of the flower crops. 


This year we plan on growing 7 colors/ varieties of sunflowers. These will range from bright yellow, multi color, to deep burgundy. In addition, we have plans for adding a sunflower seed field (sunflowers for consumable seeds). These will not only make a beautiful back drop but also serve as a sunflower seed crop for roasting and feeding birds. 

Left to right: (top row) ---- Autumn beauty sunflower, Buttercream sunflower, Jade sunflower, Peach passion sunflower
Left to right: (bottom row) ---- Red Hedge Sunflower, Sonja sunflower, Strawberry Lemonade sunflower


Rudbeckia (aka Blackeyed Susans) are like smaller versions of sunflowers with beautiful 4-5" blooms that produce all summer long. Color varieties available include (Left to right): Cherokee Sunset Mix Rudbeckia and Prairie Sun Rudbeckia

Zinnia Flowers

Zinnias have excellent vase life and are a staple flower in many bouquets or centerpieces. Zinnias produce beautiful single, semidouble, and double flowers and come in a huge variety of color options. This year the Manor will have the following varieties available. 

Left to right: (top row) ---- Benary's Giant Lime Zinnia, Giant Dahlia Flowered Mix Zinnia, Oklahoma Golden Yellow Zinnia, Oklahoma Salmon Zinnia
Left to right: (bottom row) ---- Oklahoma Scarlet Zinnia, Oklahoma White Zinnia, Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia


Giant Dahlia flowers in 3-5" or sometimes even up to 7" wide! The Dahlias range from single, semi-double, and double blooms. A variety of shades are available and more are added constantly! We love our Dahlias and we are always looking for a new fun color to introduce to our flower beds!

SnapDragon and Stock Flowers

A unique variety of Snapdragons are the Madame Butterfly variety. These possess a unique double-petal and are also known as an azalea type. The Madame Butterfly's double petals create full, fluffy blooms for a Victorian look. The Chantilly variety is the standard open-faced snapdragon type. 

Stock flowers are versatile with many color choices. The Katz variety produce a single flowering stem while the Quartet variety has a branched flowering stem. These have strong stems with 1.5-2" blooms in a variety of colors. 

Snapdragon color varieties available include --- Top Row (Left to right): Madame Butterfly Bronze with white snapdragon, Madame Butterfly ivory snapdragon, Madame Butterfly Bronze with white snapdragon, Madame Butterfly Bronze red snapdragon, Chantilly Formula Mix snapdragon
Stock color varieties available include --- Bottom Row (Left to right): Katz Formula Mix color stock, Katz white stock, and Quartet white stock

Dianthus and Lisianthus

The Marie Chabaud dianthus variety is a scented french garden heirloom flower. A form of vintage carnation that presents a sweet and spicy fragrance of clove. This variety blooms late July through August. 

3 varieties of Lisianthus are being grown at the Manor this year. These include a Doublini pink variety that is adorned with miniature rose colored blooms; the Arena III Gold variety with 2-3" fully double buttercream colored flowers; and the Rosanne Black Pearl variety which is the darkest purple color with slightly ruffled petals. 

Color varieties available include (Left to right): Marie Chabaud Dianthus, Doublini Rose Pink Lisianthus, Arena III Gold Lisianthus, and Rosanne Black Pearl Lisianthus

Filler Flowers

The Manor will also have available a variety of filler flowers to provide a colorful and unique bouquet of flowers. These include: Amaranthus, Dara Ammi (similar to Queen Anne's lace), celosia, orlaya, statice, and asters.  

Left to right: (top row) ---- Hopi Red Dye Amaranthus, Love-Lies-Bleeding Amaranthus, Dara Ammi, White Dill Ammi
Left to right: (middle row) ---- Cramer's Burgundy Celosia, Eternity Celosia, Sylphid Celosia, White Finch Orlaya
Left to right: (bottom row) ---- Seeker Statice (various colors), Tower Yellow China Aster

Greenery and specialty Fillers

To add color variation and to break up the color abundance of the beautiful flowers, several greenery and specialty filler options are also available. These include: cress, Bells of Ireland, ornamental grasses, and ariplex. These subtle fillers will add texture and dimension to your display or bouquet.

Greenery varieties available include --- Top Row (Left to right): Persian Cress, Bells of Ireland, Feathertop Ornamental grass, Frosted Explosion Ornamental grass
Greenery varieties available include --- Bottom Row (Left to right): Silver Tip Ornamental grass, Green Plume Artiplex, Red Plume Atriplex